Surah Ikhlas

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Everything about surah Al ikhlas

Surah ikhlas chapter in Quran 112 this chapter talks about the unity and honesty of god. And he says that God is neither a beggar nor eats by asking.

Surah is also known by a few different names. (save have different names ) . Which are named from different countries or are known by different names in different countries.

Example: Absoluteness-It is an Arabic word. It is spoken in Arab countries and is a part of the word surah.

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Surah is also known by 5 names which are of different types.


The Unity.

Oneness of God.

Sincere Religion.

The Declaration of Perfection.

4 Verses have been used in surah al ikhlas.

Surah Ikhlas
Who? (he is Allah)one or many

Who? (he is Allah)one or many.


Surah Ikhlas
They have never had children nor were they born. They are considered the same in the world


Surah Ikhlas Verse 3
He would neither ever die nor be born again


Surah Ikhlas

Nobody has been able to match them nor can anyone.

Theme and subject matter 

These five words belong to surah chapter 112 itself.

Read this surah carefully and read it completely because. It will be explained in full detail and try to understand it because of this chapter of the Quran.

Is the most important and powerful because we have to complete the reading for every important work no matter. What the task is this chapter is also described as the king of the Quran.

About this surah, musannif say that when Europeans said that we worship ujjair, The son of Allah and Christians said that we worship Jesus.

The son of Allah worshiping humans. And Mazdaism said that worship the sun and moon. The pagan said that worship idols such as Hinduism, Buddhism.

Allah told his messenger that he is Allah and I am one. There is no one in the world like me, but I have no assistant who will listen to me and support me.

No one can use the word Al Ahad.  Apart from Allah because he is important in all his work.

Do not leave the surah in the middle to read it fully.  If someone falls for it and believes completely, then you can get everything.

Do not make us a partner of sin by leaving the Surah in the middle

And do not become a partner of this sin yourself, read it carefully till the last.

All this happened due to the religious traditions going on from all around. Which will be explained to you in detail slowly.

The morning is also considered to be the angel of the Lord because it was sent to the holy place. And when asked to subdue his Lord in it, the Surah came down as Allah

There is a very large group of Jews in which the young jews said to them, then tell Mohammed about his God.

Then Allah sent Surah because once one meditates on Surah, he will know about Allah.  Therefore the Surah is considered as the second part of Allah.

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Period of Revelation

That is why this chapter in the Quran is considered a king.

Before the Holy Prophet, some Jews came to Rabi and they said. Tell us how your God is so that we also care who your God is and we can believe in you.

Allah sent a description of himself With the help of the messenger and said that  Tell us  What he is made of.

What diamonds and pearls are made of jewels, and what he eats.  What to drink, in which world it lives.  There Allah sent Surah down so that he could know everything.

When they said who your God is and what it looks like. The Holy Prophet said that my God is not made of any substance.  He bestows on them all.

After reading this verse, it has started to appear that people of different religions. Questioned Allah a lot and Allah asked them to read the same verse.

Because Allah told that the same Pak and answers to all your questions. In Surah Will meet and this is how Surah was born.  The same day Surah was read.

In this, it was proved that the Surah had been presented in Mecca long ago. Everyone started to know about Allah and all his verses also came in front of the people.

It is the most important.  It was said that when Hazrat Bilal’s master laid him down. On the burning sand and placed heavy things on him,

Bilal had to suffer a lot and he used to cry when two words came out of his mouth.  Ahad-Ahad and this word were taken from Surah itself.

A large number of people believed that God took human form as people began to believe in numbers. When those people started reading this verse.

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How it is formed 

They started to think that this is true but Christians claimed to believe in one God.

Hence the surah was conducted in a very general way with the words of Allah.

He explained it to the Muslim brothers in different ways and told them to explain it further. And to extend the surah to the rest of the people and told four important things in it.

It can be easily recited and can be told even further and told that this surah is equal to one-third part of the Quran.  Is so powerful.

The religion started by the Quran is developed on these principles.

1 Tauheed.

2 Pangbar.

3 Surah.

He says that a person in Mecca sat in namaz and started reciting namaz. And first, he used to listen to surah and then later used to listen to a group of others.

and people asked has not to listen or read surah once is.

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Is it because it is the strongest study of the Quran. But his answer came that I listen to it as much as I consider myself holy.  He said that on hearing this verse it feels as if I have come to heaven.


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