The 100% Accurate Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman


The word “Dua” is an Arabic word that is translated to mean “invocation, supplication, or prayer.” It is a form of worship where one asks Allah for something they want.

The Dua can be done in various ways. One way is to make a wudu and then pray for what one wants. Another way is to make a specific type of prayer called the Du’a Al-Kareemah. The Du’a Al-Kareemah can be made by reciting the following:

اللهم إني أسألك بحق العبادة التي لا يجور عليها.

dua for husband to leave the other woman

In Islamic theology, it is strongly one of the three obligations of a Muslim to supplicate Allah for the forgiveness of his or her sins. A person may ask Allah either to forgive their sins or to give them what they want.

A powerful dua can be recited to stop a husband from cheating. This dua is taken from the book of Imam Ghazali and is said to be very effective in stopping the infidelity of a spouse.

There are many people who pray to allah to be matched with their spouse. This is common prayer, especially among the Jewish and muslim faiths.

Dua To Keep Husband Faithful

One of the most powerful surahs in the Quran is surah ar-Rahman. This surah is a prayer of thankfulness and praise to Allah. It is recited before embarking on any new endeavor, and it can be recited to get the right marriage partner.

It’s important for a husband and wife to be honest with each other and to share their thoughts, feelings, and plans. When it comes to the issue of adultery, both partners need to stay faithful in order for the marriage to succeed. You also read this dua to get what you want.

The 100% Accurate Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman

The 100% Accurate Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman is a post written by a Muslim woman. It has been shared on Facebook over 15,000 times and has been read by over 1 million people.

This article is about how to get your husband to leave another woman. The author of this article says that it is not easy for women to deal with their cheating husbands because they are often in denial about the affair and refuse to take responsibility for it. This article provides a dua which you can recite in order to make your husband leave the other woman.

The 100% Accurate Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman is an opinion piece written by a Muslim woman who believes that wives should be able to force their husbands out of an affair if they want. You also read dua to getting good husband.

A List of Powerful Supplications and Du’as from Quran and Sunnah

In this article, we will be looking at lists of supplications and du’as from Quran and Sunnah. We will also provide translations for these du’as so that readers can understand the meaning of these supplications.

There are two types of supplications in Islam: One is the obligatory prayer (salah) which is done five times a day, and the other is the voluntary prayer (dua).

Supplications are a form of worship in Islam where you ask Allah for something. Supplications are usually made to Allah but can also be made to other things such as Prophets or angels if they have an intercession with Allah.


It is not possible to keep a man faithful. However, there are some ways that can help you in this regard. For example, dua for husband to leave the other woman and dua to keep husband faithful.

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