Dua For Husband Love Respect And Listen Me

Wazifa for husband love
Wazifa for husband love

Assalam Walekum Dear brothers and sisters, today we have brought you a wazifa for Husband Love. Every woman has the same desire in this whole world. That her husband loves her, Respects her. If you want to do this, then read the wazifa given below.

We hope that you read this article completely and carefully and understand the dua for husband and wife well and try that you start doing it as soon as possible because the Islamic wazifa for husband love is going to help you a lot.

Do you want to make your husband listen to your heart in Islam?

If there was a time when you are a happily married couple and then with every passing moment of life, the gap between you and your husband is getting more and more, then you have to regain the trust and sympathy of your husband in a short period so that you can easily get the trust and no back from your husband.

You have to recite surah Al-Kausar three times a day after washing your hands and face with clean water. Make sure that no one is around you and then you can make this Dua for your husband‘s heart instantly.

Wazifa For Husband Love A
Wazifa For Husband Love 

Wazifa for husband love

See, fighting is a common problem in the relationship because the husband and wife get into a fight over some small thing. But when misunderstandings and distances start growing in the relationship then it can be harmful to you because their misunderstandings start growing.

There is a feeling of lack of love for each other and it is also a matter of thinking that Everything is going well. But there is such a twist and everything ends. There are two or three things that turn us upside down.

If you are married then you must have noticed that after the fighting if you will do good then other people will be bad with you, but you do something else of your work.

It is all on you, so we have brought a dua for husband love and wife. Doing this will change your world. If you have done anything wrong, then that too will be correct.

You do not need to panic. You have to do this dua 3 times. Only 3 days need to get this done. Your husband will start loving you so much. As much as he used to do before and as much as you expected from your husband to love you so much. Inshallah, I believe that this small issue will be resolved within 3 days.

Step to performing wazifa for husband love

  • This Wazifa you must do on the first Thursday of an Islamic month.
  • Start reciting Durood Shareef as many times as possible before three days of starting that Wazifa.
  • On Thursday after the prayer of Isha, Recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Take 21 solid black pepper, on each recite 121 times surah Al-Kausar, and blow on it.
  • Recite 11 times Durood Shareef in the end and burn that black pepper and preserve it.

Inshallah, I believe that this small issue will be resolved within 3 days.

Important note-

Try to fight and argue as little as possible with your partner so that you both will spend quality time with each other to develop a beautiful love bond between you. Also, you need to clear your misunderstandings and miscommunication by discussing certain things with each other. It is advisable for ladies not to read this dua in their periods.

dua to make husband love you

Every woman wants her husband to listen to her. It happens that initially, husband used to take great care of you at first. Used to share things with you too.

But now your husband does not listen to you or he is attracted towards any other woman. If you want wazifa for married life with him or think so, then it is feeling so bad to listen to you that he does not listen to you.

If you want your husband to be perfect then we are here to resolve your issue. That is why this dua for husband and wife to get back together, is brought for you. You will find results as you do it.

Your husband will start getting to love you forever in a very lovely way. But pay attention whenever you are doing a dua for someone to come back.

Before doing this, think once that there is no sin or anything bad in your mind, and you have to take a pledge that you also not ignore your husband’s words because this relationship is considered to be a very sacred relationship.

Steps to perform dua to make husband love you

  1. Take a cold shower in the early morning as soon as you wake up.
  2. Now go to the balcony and keep yourself calm by doing slow breathing for half an hour.
  3. Now sit on a silent place and remember the face of your husband.
  4. After this make a fresh ablution and then clean your face and hands properly.
  5. Now you have to read the durood sharif 11 times before starting the prayer.
  6. After this, you have to read this peacefully “La IlahaIlla Anta Subhana kaInni Kuntu Minaz Zalimeen” so that you can pray to Allah in a sweet way.
  7. Now read durood Shareef again and eat a sweet dish in the end.

dua to bring husband and wife closer

It is the most powerful surah to make husband love between husband and wife. If a wife does this wazifa for her husband, then she can get rid of all her major problems. For example, this is the biggest problem for divorces between husband and wife.

If you can eliminate such a big problem, no matter how you look like, everything will be solved. All you have to do is the Wazifa for Husband Wife Problem. If you read this “dua to make husband love you” well.

Then whatever husband and wife are facing a problem, It will be finished within 3 days. After doing this dua, it will create love between husband and wife. You live your married life like that. Things Will restart as they used to be. Your problems will end within 3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to read this dua daily?

The relationship between husband and wife is a lifelong journey. This means that you need to pray for your partner forever so that Allah will shower blessings, love and care on you and your family. You should keep faith in Allah and recite this dua to make my husband love on a daily basis.

How to change the behaviour of the husband towards the wife?

A husband is a responsible person in any family which means that he has to go through certain workload and family pressures to make a balance between his personal and professional life. You can spend quality time and develop a love bond to change the behaviour of your husband.

How to get rid of problems between husband and wife?

Arguments and issues are like fire. If you do not take care then it will increase with the passing time. You need to discuss things in a calm and peaceful way where you both do not abuse each other. You both need to live happily with each other to get rid of such problems.

Can I create love in my husband heart again?

Yes, you can create love in your husband’s heart again. You just need to make good behaviour with him and along with the passing time, he will start understanding you and your emotions. This will help you both to develop a great bond for the rest of your life.


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