Dua For Love Of Allah Forever And Ever


Are searching for a dua to get the love of Allah? Do you want Allah to love you? You are right place. Today, we will tell you in detail that Allah can love you by performing dua. Or you will get Allah’s love by performing this dua.

Aslam Alaikum brother and sister I hope you all are well and I know you want that Allah loves you. But it is not easy that Allah loves you because we all know Allah is the superpower and runs the whole world. You should recite Muslim Dua For someone’s love and Attraction.

And this planet consists of every type of people some are good some are bad so Allah doesn’t love everyone. But I know who is wanting Allah’s love is good. That’s why today brings a powerful dua for the love of Allah forever and ever. If you’re going to know about this dua in detail and you want to get as you desire. so read this article carefully and last I’ll tell you how Allah loves you.

What Are The Benefits Of Reciting Verse Of Allah

Did you ever see Allah love someone if yes then when do comment in the comment box If you didn’t see then contact us then we will help you to get so, Now get on to the topic.

Reciting verses of Allah will help you to get prosperity, relax your mind, and get you everything you want. You recite this dua for love marriage.

Dua For The Love Of Allah

As I told you above that I’ll give you dua for the love of Allah but you have to read this whole article carefully. Love of Allah is not a small thing. If you really want the love of Allah then your intentions must be pure and your believe in Allah is a must. And you must know the proper way to perform the dua.

Dua For Love of Allah
Dua For Love of Allah Forever And Ever

The Procedure To Perform Dua For The Love Of Allah Is As follows

  •  Perform wudu.
  • Say “Allahumma Anta Rabbi wa minkas, tabaaraka ighfir li wal azaaba, tabaarakta ighfir li wal azaaba, innaka minnaar-adheem.”
  • (O Allah you are my Lord and Sustainer, forgive me and show mercy on me and forgive all my sins. You are the Almighty, Most Merciful )
  • Perform two rakahs of nafl salah or pray whatever you like.

How Muslim Dua Can Help To Get Allah Love

As we all know Muslim dua is most effective as it is driven from Quran and Quran never be wrong as Allah doesn’t allow to do haram work. So the Muslim dua is the most effective dua in every case. This dua will never work for those who did haram work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Dua To Make Someone Love You?

Yes there is a lot of dua which are for someone to love but one dua is not beneficial for every problem. and you will get many dua’s on the internet. But I’m giving you a powerful dua which will help you to increase the love between you and Allah and your desired one.

Do You Love Allah?

Do you really want Allah’s love? If you really want Allah to love you then you are in right place. As the above-mentioned dua is the most powerful dua of the Quran you must perform the dua if you really want Allah to love you.

If You Make Dua To Find True Love, Will It Come True?

I don’t know which dua you performed before. And I don’t know if you get results or not after performing that dua. But today above-mentioned dua which gave you is the most effective dua because I have changed many lives by this dua. And I’m the proof of this dua solving many problems of my brothers and sisters across the globe.

Ever Made Dua To Allah For Something And Get The Same?

Yes, why not. Allah will bless you with everything you want but the thing is your way of performing dua must be right. And your intentions and believe in Allah must be pure.


As I gave you dua for love of Allah forever and ever. So you have to do this dua with pure intention and believe. you must have to perform this dua continuously.

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