There are so many issues in marriages that take place because of the trust issues between husband and wife. Many times, it has been seen that the husband does not stay loyal to the wife and thus their relationship starts decreasing.

To get rid of such problems which create distance between the couple, today we are providing you with Very powerful and special Dua which will help you to make your relationship stronger and sustain longer.

Relationships between couples should stay strong and beautiful that both the person will love each other immensely in all kinds of circumstances.


After reading this way you will realize that your husband has to stop cheating on You and he will start living with you in the normal way with more Love and care which he used to do before the marriage.

It will change his perspective of being happy and peaceful with you in such a way that both of you will share a lot of memories and secrets without any hesitation for the rest of your life.

But the couple will start sharing each other’s love and problems in such a way that they will not get into frequent fights with each other.


If you want your husband to stop cheating on you then you have to make sure that he pays proper attention as well as affection towards you. Apart from this if you read Surah Al Mursalat Ayat that you will get full control of your husbands.

If you read it regularly and carefully, then you will observe that your husband has started showing more interest in you and he will not go anywhere else towards any other person in the future to get Love.

It will help you to pay kind attention to your husband so that he will not play any kind of games or strategies on you to get rid of your supervision.


Commitment in any relationship requires so much trust and support from the partner. Hence, you need to give attention as much as you want from your partner.

If you are seeking love and affection from your partner, then it’s your moral duty to provide him the same treatment so that your partner can feel better about you.

If you find anything odd from your husband’s side then you have to discuss it with him in a very frequent manner so that both of you can understand it carefully and send it accordingly.

You also recite this dua-

dua to increase love in husband heart


Husband gets loyal when he has proper attachments and affection towards his wife. If you find that your husband is not having the same feelings as you have, then you can read Surah Al Barqah regularly.

This will help you to Control your partner to stay faithful to you. Will get full control of your husband in such a way that he will follow on your leads and obey your decisions which will make you happy.


The above-mentioned two duas I’m not helping me to make your husband loyal towards you, then you can read Surah al Muzammil to make your husband obedient towards you.

After reading this Dua, you will observe that your husband has started respecting you more and he is fulfilling all your wishes and needs. He is taking care of your likes and dislikes.

Your husband will commit towards you and he will start showing more love and care towards your decisions and wishes. This will help to generate a strong relationship.


The problems and troubles are part of life and this must not Influence the trust and support between the partner at any stage of life. This leads to miscommunication and cheating between the couple.

If you pay attention to the duas mentioned in this article, then it will take you to the right and successful path of marriage Stay strong and sustain longer in your life.

Also, you will realize that partners have started listening to you more frequently and making the right decisions in life which are proving beneficial for both of you in a long term.


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