Powerful Dua To Stop Thinking About Someone


We all have been in that situation where we can’t stop thinking about our ex. We think about them all the time and they are always on our minds. It is not a good feeling to be in and it can cause some people to be very depressed. If you are having these thoughts, then there are some steps you should take to get rid of them.

First, think about why the relationship ended. This will help you understand what caused the breakup and will give you closure on the situation. Second, do something that takes your mind off of them for a bit – like going out with friends or taking up a new hobby. Finally, try making duas to stop thinking about someone. You also read this dua to stop your husband from cheating.

dua to stop thinking about someone

This is a very common dua that we see in our society. This is usually said when someone wants to break their relationship with their partner.

In this dua, the person is asking Allah to help them stop thinking about the person they want to break up with. They are also asking Allah to make them forget about the person and all the memories they have of that person. You also read dua to make someone fall love you.

Dua To Remove Someone From Your Life

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The most common way to forget someone is by forgetting the memories of them. This can be done by concentrating on other things or using a mantra.

There is a dua to make someone love you, but there is no dua that will make someone fall out of love with you.

Best Duas on How to Get Rid of Thoughts of Someone

We all have those days when we find ourselves thinking about someone who is not in our life anymore. And it sucks, right?

The best way to get rid of thoughts of someone is to replace them with positive thoughts. There are many duas that can help you with this. The best duas on how to get rid of thoughts of someone are:

  • Du’a Al-Istikharah: It is a dua for asking Allah for guidance and direction
  • You Also Read Du’a Al-Falaq: It is a dua for protection from evil and darkness
  • Du’a An-Nasal Qadha: It is a dua where one asks Allah to remove their sorrows and worries

How to Recite a Dua to Stop Thinking About Someone

Dua is a way to communicate with Allah in a language that only he understands. It is one of the best ways to ask for help from Allah and his mercy. You should also recite dua to make someone call you.

There are many duas that can be recited when you are trying to get over someone, but some of the most common ones are:

-“Allahumma inni as’aluka khayraha wa khayra ma razaqta ‘ala khayril khati’a wa adkhilnaka minha.” (O Allah, I ask You for her goodness and the goodness You have given me, and I seek refuge in You from her evil.)

-“Allahumma inni as’aluka ilaika ghaira.

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