Wazifa For Love Marriage Success In Your Life


Assalam Walekum If you are looking for a wazifa to get your love or to marry your love then the Wazifa for love marriage is going to be very useful for you.

If you read this article completely and try to understand it, then it is going to be very useful to get you married. You will find such fun on the internet. But what you are going to read today. This is not going to get you anywhere and read this wazifa one time and read the other wazifa 100 times is the same thing. Therefore, I will request you to read it if you want to get a wedding of your choice.

Wazifa for Love Marriage Surah Ikhlas

When you love someone or you want wazifa to marry someone you love, fifteen years ago, people used to get married on their family’s will and now time is slowly changing.

People’s thinking has been fixed. Due to this, now people like to choose life partner according to their own, due to which their relationship starts getting troublesome.

Like the names of family members, love couples face fighting like this and there is a 200 % chance of relationship deterioration because it is such a turn that either your love will be found or it will get separated from you but like you.

Wazifa for love marriage is used only for broken brothers and sisters because this wazifa is capable of connecting a broken relationship. Due to this, many brothers ‘houses have been relocated and some brothers’ houses have been broken.

If you do this surah for love marriage¬†well and at the right time, then the mercy of Allah Ta’ala in your relationship will bring a lot of happiness, and whatever you see in your relationship, you will get rid of them and you will be with your partner. You will start living a happy life.

Step by performing.

Clean place.

Take your partner’s picture.

Raed your partner’s name 3 times.

Then Read Darood Shareef 3 times.

Dua for after reading Isha Namaz.

Surah al furqan read 11 times.

Dua read for 3 days only.

Insha Allah. There will not be any problem in your relationship which was coming earlier.

Wazifa for love marriage by Quran 

Many loving couples are very happy with their relationship and they trust each other so much that there is no limit. Those who love each other, are very good at heart, who do not play with each other’s feelings.

Just love each other. There is no cost to their love because love is a word that touches the sky. This loving couple is madly in love that they do not even see each other.

It wants them to get married and they want to marry only those whom we love, but due to some reasons, they have to face big challenges before they get married.

Due to which he is unable to live his married life together, but you have no need to panic as it happens 95% but the wazifa for love marriage in 3 days has been brought for you

By doing this, all the Muslims of your life were there. Will leave you or the wazifa will slowly lead you to your cause. Like water has reached its way by making its own way. By the way or the wazifa to get married to someone you love will do its work. You just know the right way to do it.

Step By Parphorm Wazifa for love marriage

clean place.

Dua read after isha namaz.

“surah for love marriage” read 3 days.

You have read this wazifa given below in image.101 times.

“For the wedding he ask pani bashar fazla.Nasba and Sahara, Waqam rab kadera surah furqan”

write the wazifa white paper.

Shed it in clean water after 3 days.

Inshallah, within 3 days all your troubles will be over. If you are not considered a partner, then read dua to marry someone you love

Note: Girls do not do this during periods.

Wazifa for love problem

If you are tied up in a married couple and there you are facing battles. You have been avoiding those girls, but now you are badly disturbed. Now you should enlist the help of Islamic wazifa to marry someone you love.

This wazifa will help to explain the relationship of husband and wife and to overcome their problems. If the husband is more visible in his wife’s relationship then you can also read the wazifa for love marriage to agree parents.

This will also help in removing the troubles of your home. By the way, you should start these wazifa because these small battles can spoil your house. If it is found after the time is over, then it is of no use.

Clean place.

You take a shower.

Dua read after asar namaz.

do’a salawat read 11 times.

Read ayat kursi read 3 times.

“For the wedding he ask pani bashar fazla.Nasba and Sahara, Waqam rab kadera surah furqan”

Read this 11 times.

Inshallah, I say with confidence that your issue will be resolved in 3 days. If you have any questions or something in your mind, if you want to ask something or this, then click on the WhatsApp button above.


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